• Experience a new level of luxurious with this sumptuous Cashmere Duvet. This duvet is warm but light. Cashmere has a great moisture and heat regulation and still gives a great dry feeling even after it absorbs about 30% of moisture. The tick is made out of 80% micromodal and 20% cotton.

  • Our pillow Harmony is a box pillow filled with a mixture of 30% goose down and 70% small goose feathers. Because of the 30% goose down the pillow has a softer feel as the Basic pillow. The lining is made of 100% cotton. Produced in The Netherlands.Delivery time after order: 3 weeksOther dimensions on request.

  • Coldfoam For a comfortable stay on your boat or ship we give you a comfortable sleep during the night! Relaxation on the water. Relax on a comfortabe bed. Mattresses of Telstar Marine ensure that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep on board. Contact us if you want a custum made mattress. Download our brochure

  • Mattress protector in woven flannel of 100% cotton / double face. Colour     White Produced in The Netherlands. Delivery time after order: 3 weeksOther dimensions on request.

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